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High Performance Begins Within

To reach your destination,
you must first depart

Our talent development, coaching, and growth consulting services are designed to help you at every step of your journey, and we know the journey is as important as the destination itself.

Please scroll through the page to learn how we can help you unlock your Purpose, Potential, and Performance, or use the links below to find the services that would best serve you.

for individuals

We work with individuals at any stage of their careers and also specialize in serving entrepreneurs and early-stage consultants. Below are some of our most impactful services for individuals:

for teams

We’re passionate about engaging with teams, whether the teams are local, national, or global, in-person, hybrid or remote. Our services allow us to serve leadership teams and departments or cross-functional teams. Teams might find these specific services helpful:

for organizations

Profitability is the ultimate business benefit, as well as the positive return on investment for purpose and potential for higher performance. As experienced business leaders, our expertise targets your bottom line.

Organizations might value these services:


get to the heart of what matters

From the belief that “All Answers Lie Within,” we coactively work with people to get to the heart of what matters. Exploring new ideas, shifting perspectives, and gaining new insight from behavioral sciences, we solve the problem of drifting, being stuck, or not living/working in your zone.

At the end of this journey lies a clear and convincing WHY, which serves as your compass and leads to greater fulfillment. On purpose, of course!


The prioritized leader

Where the leader goes, so goes the company.

Prioritized Leadership is the intentional application of a framework to create orderly and rational decision-making, guiding and maximizing the potential of any organization. 

It establishes a more precise lens for recognizing blind spots, finding opportunities to address root-cause issues, and breaking the glass ceiling that limits growth.

When leaders are able to…

  • Clarify their PURPOSE
  • Release their PEOPLE
  • Set the right PACE
  • Perceive new POSSIBILITIES, and
  • Consistently increase PROFITS…

Then, new levels of organizational potential are realized. 

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The Prioritized Life

If you want to discover what you value, look back and see where you spend your time. A clear sense of values drives decisions on where to spend your precious talent and energy. Human fulfillment research suggests an optimal order of personal priorities in life. 

We help people move from reacting to life, to living life intentionally. You’re in the driver’s seat, we just provide the support and guidance to remove the clutter and noise to get to the heart of what really matters. 

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High-Performance Teams - Fueled by Behavioral Science

Behavioral science has no right or wrong, good or bad. Instead, there is just you—the person you are from nature (how you were born) and nurture (the collection of experiences in life).

The pathway to your true purpose can be accelerated by applying science-based, validated assessments to gain deeper insight into your strengths, motivation, sources of conflict. When applied with coaching you can get on the fast-path toward a fulfilling career. 

We offer a range of behavioral assessment tools and can guide you to the right solution to address your development needs. Please take a closer look at our current menu of assessment services. 

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The Purpose-Driven Career

Find a job you enjoy, and you will never have to work a day.” – Mark Twain

Investing in yourself is crucial during a career change or if you’re unsatisfied in your current role. Understanding your purpose can make this journey empowering. We specialize in key career milestones:

  • PRE-CAREER – Discovering your purpose and leveraging strengths
  • EARLY-CAREER – Accelerating experience to grow skills, capabilities, and credibility
  • LEADERSHIP TRACK – Enabling early leaders to fast-track performance and competitiveness
  • LATE-CAREER – Navigating the shift to abundance and giving back

Using behavioral science, we help you explore and reaffirm your strengths, values, and motivations to define your career aspirations and preferred collaborators clearly. Reflect on whether you’re pursuing your goals or someone else’s.

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transform untapped capabilities into powerful assets

Routed in purpose, our services are designed to reveal and harness the latent potential within people and teams, transforming untapped capabilities into powerful assets.

We create personalized development pathways that elevate skills and foster innovation, adaptability, and a growth mindset, preparing clients for tomorrow’s challenges today. Spoiler alert: this is where the magic often happens! 


Co-Active Coaching

Even the best athletes rely on a coach to stay at the top of their game. Why? A trusted coach brings:

  • Expertise and perspective
  • Objective feedback
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Mental and emotional support
  • Focus and discipline
  • Empathy and understanding

At Omni Touchpoint, we are certified in the fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching to help people get unstuck, adapt, and thrive in life vs. merely to survive.  Spoiler alert: I don’t have the answers; you do and I can guide you safely and effectively toward your destination.

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Targeted Skill Development

We offer a holistic and personalized approach to skill development, offering technical skill enhancement and fostering soft skills, adaptability, and a growth mindset.

By partnering with certified talent development professionals with various backgrounds and experiences, we co-create customized learning pathways, provide access to cutting-edge resources, gain access to networking opportunities, and provide performance training, feedback, and career advancement support. 

Your destination is empowerment to achieve your full potential and accelerate your career progression.

If you are a people leader, you may qualify for a free assessment. Contact us to find out more.



Higher performance is an inside job; at least, it starts there. We solve the problem of a short-term focus on improvement that often happens from “just reading a book.” We leverage cutting-edge insights, metrics, and methodologies applied to an evergreen learning and development pathway.

Fueled by reinforcement, accountability, learning cycles, and metrics to drive lasting behavior change, we up-skill people to go the distance. Success includes reaching the destination and setting new benchmarks in excellence along the way.

Adaptability Quotient

Adaptability is the most important “skill of the moment.” LinkedIn’s 2024 Most In-Demand Skills Report.

Introducing AQ, the Adaptability Quotient has become a global key performance indicator that helps organizations discover their workforce’s adaptability as an opportunity or a threat. 

REACH LX – The Leadership Experience Platform

REACH LX is an ecosystem designed to serve the needs of a leader in real-time, on the job, and throughout their career.

Find out how REACH LX can create a competitive advantage by accelerating leadership development.



As skilled business coaches, we bring  decades of bottom-line profit margin management experience to help you get unstuck and back on track to sustainable performance: 

  • DRIVING TOP LINE REVENUE by targeting sales, marketing, and commercial operations to win more of your fair share of the market.
  • REDUCE THE COST OF INEFFICIENCY by identifying the root cause contributors to waste and variability to increase yield and productivity.

passionate coaches, Trainers, & NAVIGATORS

At Omni Touchpoint, we help individuals, teams, and organizations excel in a fast-changing environment.

Our Founder and CEO, Pete van Overwalle, leveraged over 34 years of diverse experience, including personal, professional, philanthropic, and a never-ending lifelong faith-based journey to create our firm. 

His contributions to the field have helped countless organizations navigate change more effectively, fostering resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving world.

Click the button below to learn more about Pete and Omni Touchpoint or schedule a discovery meeting to begin working toward your purpose-driven future. 


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