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Hi, I’m Pete van Overwalle, the Founder of Omni Touchpoint.  I’m a husband and father of three, an entrepreneur, a business executive, a servant leader, a coach, an adventurer, and a philosopher. I am guilty (but not sorry) of using clever puns to keep the mood light and put people at ease. 

Pathfinder is my superpower, delivering on Purpose, Potential, and Performance in a way that values both the journey and the destination. My Strengths are Creativity, Hope, Humor, Love of Learning, and Spirituality.

At the end of this journey lies a clear and convincing WHY, which serves as your compass and leads to greater fulfillment. On purpose, of course!

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Omni Touchpoint

“We are best suited to serve the person we once were."

- Pete van overwalle, founder of otp

Omni Touchpoint, based in central Indiana and founded in 2019, is a professional services firm that helps individuals, teams, and organizations excel in a fast-changing environment. Leveraging over 34 years of diverse experience, including personal, professional, philanthropic, and a never-ending lifelong faith-based journey, the firm specializes in coaching, training, and growth consulting.

A key focus is on the Adaptability Quotient (AQ), an innovative metric for measuring adaptability in ability, character, and the work environment. This approach aids leaders in making informed decisions about people, change, and risk, enhancing change management strategies with data-driven confidence.

We propose that the journey is as important as the destination itself. If you agree, selecting the right partner to create the best trip experience is critical.

At Omni Touchpoint, we value curiosity and empathy to keep you, your challenges, and opportunities at the center of our work. 

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Why Omni Touchpoint?

Services and Solutions you can trust. Guaranteed.

Our solutions are custom crafts, not off-the-shelf. The clients we serve enjoy confidence from a well-defined problem coupled with excellence in execution. 

All of our services are guaranteed to be delivered as agreed upon. We’re not done until you are satisfied that the solution meets expectations. Success for us is when you don’t need us anymore! 

Plus, you can trust us to know where we create value and what’s out of scope. That means if we’re not the right firm to partner with we are happy to refer you to other local expert we know and trust. 


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Stick with us for a minute.

In a world of mass marketing, you’re bombarded with solutions everywhere. What works, what’s just hype, and who can you trust? But the best solution applied to the wrong problem is a waste of resources.

At Omni Touchpoint, we seek problems to buy. To do this, we empathize with your frustrations, understand your personal stake, and invest our expertise in defining it before considering any hint of a solution.

If you have a problem that’s not within our expertise – no worries. We are a member of Apeiron, a collaborative team of trusted professional service providers that go deep in almost all areas of expertise.

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