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it's time to level the playing field for leadership development...

We know that leaders aren’t born; they are developed. Equipping your leaders with the right resources and experiences is vital to effective growth and high performance. 

At Omni Touchpoint, we’re passionate about leadership development as a catalyst for almost every aspect of organizational growth and success. That’s why we’re a strategic partner with REACH LX, an innovative global leader that provides technology-enabled and modern digital solutions to support leadership development. 

All Aspiring Leaders for Companies of All Sizes

introducing reach lx


Think about it: architects use CAD software, and engineers use simulation software to do their jobs well. What do leaders use? Nothing, really—until now. REACH LX is a software solution that serves all leaders in any size company with an operating system that enables high performance. It is designed to be an ecosystem with the full suite of leadership essentials for all aspects of the leadership life cycle.

Reach LX embeds itself into your company’s DNA, enhancing leadership skills and fostering an environment where your team can excel. This comprehensive platform isn’t just another tool; it’s a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures your most valuable assets—your people.


  • Limited Resources
  • Lack of Expertise
  • Scalability Issues
  • Time Constraints
  • Inconsistent Learning Opportunities


  • Continuous Learning
  • Adaptability
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Increased Employee Engagement
  • Sustainable Growth

AN Innovative Leadership Ecosystem

Putting Resources at the Finger-tips of Your Leader in Real-Time

Reach LX elevates the leadership capacities in small to mid-sized companies by focusing on key development areas. 

It enhances: 

  • strategic thinking, empowering leaders to make decisions that drive business success. 
  • communication skills, ensuring leaders can effectively convey vision and motivate teams. 
  • emotional intelligence, which is crucial for managing relationships and fostering a collaborative work environment. 

Reach LX is an essential tool for aspiring and established leaders to refine their skills and propel their organizations forward.

Leadership Pathways

Key Focus Area for Cultivating Leadership with REACH LX

Develop Self

Leaders must continually grow. REACH offers self-directed learning, awareness development, coaching tools, and training materials for formal education. Resources are tailored to individual and organizational needs.

Build Teams

Building a strong team is not just about selecting the right candidates, it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration. Our tailored interview guide helps identify candidates who will thrive in each role. Our ‘welcome to the team’ session is designed to instill trust and collaboration, ensuring high performance as new members join.

lead, manage, and motivate

Leaders must understand their teams, motivate them, and manage various types. REACH offers leadership tools for different teams, including in-person, virtual, and sales teams.

Develop and Retain Talent

Leaders must offer ongoing development to prevent stagnation and retain interest. REACH provides solutions such as Coaching Programs, MicroLearning, meeting-based learning, and full training resources. These options cater to various learning preferences and organizational needs.

Grow Culture

Leaders benefit from knowing their team’s commitment and performance. If engagement is low, they need actionable tools. REACH offers tools to assess culture, automated dashboards explaining scores, and resources to improve low scores.

Reach: Your partner in nurturing excellence

UNLOCK the boundless potential with your organization.
Here is a glimpse into what reach brings to the table:

You can attract top talent
by providing what they value most:

Their Growth

Reasearch shows that insufficient opportunities to grow was the primary reason around 1/3 of job seekers were looking for a new employer from 2019-2021. (Gallup, McKinsey, etc.)

Feeling Heard

Research shows that the primary reason more than 1/3 of people are actively searching for new employment express a feeling of being uncared for in their current workplace. (McKinsey 2021). 

doing their best work

Research by Deloitte (2020) found that for 40% of people, their primary motivator to find another employer was that their skills weren’t valued or used.

great culture

Nearly 9 in 10 job seekers say culture is vital to success. (Teamstage 2020). 

passionate coaches, Trainers, & NAVIGATORS

At Omni Touchpoint, we help individuals, teams, and organizations excel in a fast-changing environment.

Our Founder and CEO, Pete van Overwalle, leveraged over 34 years of diverse experience, including personal, professional, philanthropic, and a never-ending lifelong faith-based journey to create our firm. 

His contributions to the field have helped countless organizations navigate change more effectively, fostering resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving world.

Click the button below to learn more about Pete and Omni Touchpoint or schedule a discovery meeting to begin working toward your purpose-driven future. 


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Thanks to innovation and technological advancements, now is the time to take a fresh look at how companies of all sizes can level up leadership learning and

Let’s discuss your challenges, and allow us to demonstrate how a modern leadership ecosystem is a wiser investment that can pay big dividends in accelerated people performance.

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